IMO Grade 5

Categories: Indian Math Olympiads
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Course Overview

This course prepares Class V students in India for the International Math Olympiad exam conducted by the Science Olympiad Foundation.

The Level I exam is held in the month of December. For those students who qualify for Level II, the exam is held on the 2nd/3rd Sunday of February in the following year.

The course contains individual lessons and practice quizzes by topics, Achievers Section quizzes for all topics, including logical reasoning, and comprehensive mock tests patterned after the IMO exam format.

The practice quizzes cover different topics and use questions from our extensive database of 1000+ questions. Each time the student retakes a quiz a distinct set of questions is presented, which enables the student to repeat practice in-depth by topics.

The key benefit of a question in the practice quizzes and mock tests is two-fold:

  • the quality of the question which ensures that the student has a strong grasp of the English language as it relates to math; and,
  • the quality of the explanation of each concept covered by the question.

When the student retakes the quiz or the mock test, the parent can assess whether the student has grasped the conceptual understanding of the question.

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